Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sweet and Shy?

Paola Germar as is more than just a fashion designer, but a true contemporary artist at heart. Recently her works in the medium of painting has been taken notice of the Philippines’ major media: broadsheets, magazines and television! Last week, she was featured by TV station IBC 13 for their web exclusive segment: GOODSHOT: Young Artists with illustratorJoseph Tecson.

Group Show featuring works by :
Catalina Africa, Jan Balquin, Brisa Dominguez, Isobel Francisco, Tin Garcia, Paola Germar, Eleanor Giron, Gab Lopez, Lala Gallardo, Les Lee, Veronica Pee, Tanya Villanueva, Marija Vicente, Eva Yu, Jeona Zoleta
If you'd like to see more of Paola Germar's art, she is part of a group entitled: "Bull in the Heather."
Keeping it real. -PJV 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Successful Stories with AMS Daily

Our good friend Alpha Sanford, creator of AMSDaily, a blog that evolved from a 30-day motivational conversation with her siblings, is a Filipina living in Massachusetts with her family. Founded in 2011, AMSDaily shares stories of extraordinary people from different backgrounds.  One of AMSDaily’s visions is to tell stories of remarkable Filipinas whose mission in life is to serve others and to live better. These individuals are inspirational success stories in their own rite, while proving their value to the community through working hard with passion, goals, and vision.

These stories are anecdotal tips on personal development. With the momentum resulting from a surge for women empowerment in the United States, she decided to take stories from her motherland, the Philippines, to show the world the understated efforts of Filipina women to inspire and encourage more of their own, like many of their counterparts from developed societies, to take control their own futures as a step towards becoming a truly progressive and nurturing society.

For the second time, Alpha features me again on her website. You may read the full online interview at this link. Thank you Alpha! 
Keeping it real. - PJV